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Eggs are for Breakfast - Don’t Lay one On Stage Theater Audition Success

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Eggs are for Breakfast -

Don’t Lay one On Stage

Theater Audition Success

After teaching children’s performing arts for over 20 years, I have discovered the #1 biggest mistake parents make when getting their child ready for an audition: Consistent Training:

Consistent training is absolutely the key. In anything you aspire to do, dance team, choir, or theater, consistent training is the main key to your child’s success! Today, parents seem to commit their kids to several different activities. Yes, they will have many different experiences, but in the end, you will have a child who has taken saxophone lessons, taken a year of tap dancing , a sport season of cheer, and have performed in a school play, and maybe been exposed to a vocal lesson or two. The end result? You have a child that might honk out a few measure’s of the pink panther, can shuffle off to Buffalo poorly, (but won’t remember the name), owns a worn out pair of pom poms, and has a picture to remember their role of being a forest tree in "Beauty and the Beast." The child will not truly be accomplished at any one skill. Today, we are in the era of the “microwave mentality”- you see it, you want it in 1 lesson or less.

Becoming accomplished in anything takes commitment and consistent training. Whatever your goals may be, you must commit to your talents, and give yourself enough time to reach them.

Parents who put children into more than 3 extracurricular activities could very possibly be hurting instead of helping their child. A child cannot become good at anything with too many school obligations and activities. As a music instructor I have seen many students throughout the years come for a lesson in guitar, voice, or piano, and although they profess to having prior training, when I ask them to play me a song, they cannot do it. They all have the same thing in common, they have not been trained in a consistent manner. Please...Do your child a favor. Find a great program and stick with it for awhile. More than a year even. Find a training opportunity where your child is a big fish in a little pond-A place to build their self esteem and confidence. Let them be part of a program where their time is maximum for their current level and experience.

“Eggs are for breakfast. Don’t let your child lay one on stage”. Consistent training in your child’s passion will achieve the greatest results.

For information on ideal programs in children’s theater, voice training, and all aspects of the performing arts in Las Vegas, Nevada, go to

The theater programs through Take The Stage Las Vegas gives ample opportunity to develop and grow your childs skill set in a professional, friendly, and low stress environment. Unlike other children’s theater companies, Take The Stage LV does not charge any fees to audition, Students are actually guaranteed speaking roles in the performance. How can children learn to be better performers, if they are only in the background for the entire show? The fact is, they won’t. That's why Take The Stage LV prides itself on giving every student an opportunity to shine.

Don’t wait until the last minute to cram 2 years worth of training in to 2 weeks of desperate private lessons in order to prepare for an audition. It just won't work.

Train your child for success the right way, and you will be amazed at the results. For more information about children’s theater and performing arts training in Las Vegas,

Call (702) 292-8487

Remember, “Success doesn’t just happen, you train for it.” -

Blaine Senior

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