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How do you find a great musical theater program for children in Las Vegas?

“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children” - Walt Disney


1) First and foremost it is necessary to ask yourself what do you as a parent want out of a musical theater program.

        It’s important to decide whether you are looking for a positive experience and possibly spark a new interest in the performing arts for your child. Or, you might have decided you want to develop a serious skill set in performing, in order to be able to start your child down the road towards a career in commercials, stage, television and movies. This is an important factor to consider. 

2)  Does your child come out of class smiling and happy?

        It will serve you to assess the instructors “vibe”. Take time to contemplate if your child is able to connect to the teacher. If your child looks forward to class time, and is happy coming out of class, you have probably made a good choice. 

3) Does the class content grow your child and create a desire to practice on their own 

        You will know in a short time if your money is well spent if your child starts singing, and dancing class content. If your child is caught singing around the house, dancing, spouting lines from the scenes they are learning, they will grow faster and develop new talents, because they enjoy their class and what they are doing.

4) Does the program show results? 

If your child sings a little more in pitch, or has accomplished understanding the mechanics of a "pivot turn" or a traditional "jazz square," That's great. In summery, the end result should be a definite change in self confidence. If you child has a feeling of higher self esteem, and accomplishment for their effort, the experience is priceless.

Children’s musical theater can be a wonderful experience where a child can learn and grow. It’s Important to find the right one.

An excellent program for children’s musical theater in Las Vegas Nevada is 

Take The Stage Las Vegas. They have an excellent program and experienced staff who have worked professionally in the industry. Are you currently interested in finding a great performing arts program for your child? Consider these four tips when looking. If you live in Las Vegas Nevada, check out this website at or call for info. 

(702) 292-8487 

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” - Plato

I do hope this was helpful for you.

Till next time, remember,

"Life is a stage, and you are the star." take a bow,

Best regards,

Blaine Senior 

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